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Dash Cams

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam, also known as a dash board camera, is mounted onto your vehicle's dashboard to record activity happening around your car and provide a view of the road that can be utilized for any suspicious activity or accidents. The dash camera is used to record accidents and can be used as a silent witness in the event of an accident. Some dash cams are front facing, while others serve as a rear camera, recording activity behind your car. Other dash cams have dual cameras that record both the front and rear of your vehicle. Most dash cams use your vehicle as a power source and record footage as you are driving, or when your vehicle is parked, the dash cam will be on parking mode and its sensor starts recording when it detects motion or a collision.

The power cable of your dash cam can sometimes be connected to your vehicle's obd port or, if your vehicle has one that is consistently on, the cigarette lighter socket. You could also use a hardwiring kit to install a dash cam using your vehicle's fuse box, but most dash cams will not require this. We at Black Rock Automotive will pick from these methods for installing when installing a dash cam in your vehicle. We will use the most efficient and least invasive method for your vehicle. Most dash cams come with an SD card in which the video footage is stored. Saved recordings can also be uploaded to the cloud through wi fi for easy access when you need it.

Who needs and uses a dash cam?

Dash cams have been around for decades (police cars often have them), but have recently gained popularity among the general public because they provide concrete evidence in the event that something happens to your vehicle. Police forces have been using dash cams for decades to increase accountability and to keep the officers and civilians involved safe. Having a dash cam in your own vehicle can prevent insurance fraud and prevent cases of "he said, she said" if you get into an accident. Even if you consider yourself a safe driver, you never know what could happen on the road or when your car is parked curbside and you are not around. Some dash cams can even record inside your vehicle so you can clearly identify the culprit if your car is broken into.

What are the benefits of owning a dash cam?

A dash cam may be a great financial investment for you for the following reasons:

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