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 Headlight Restoration

What is headlight restoratiom

A headlight restoration gets your headlights back to their brightest setting, eliminating any yellowing or blurring that may occur on your plastic headlight covers. Our Exceptional technicians at Black Rock Automotive can replace the headlight lenses entirely or clean them by removing the layer of grime and oxidation on your headlight lenses. They will then give your headlights a polish and cleaning, and apply a heat seal that prevents grime buildup and oxidation. If your headlight lenses are clear but the headlights themselves are dimmer than they used to be, you may need new bulbs.

What is a headlight restoration kit?

While it is most effective in the long run to leave your headlight restoration to the experts, you may be able to temporarily clean your headlights with a headlight restoration kits. These kits come in handy if you are on a road trip and your headlights are not as effective as they usually are, or in any other kind of emergency. A standard headlight restoration kit includes a headlight lens restorer, a wet sandpaper strip, sanding discs, shine restorer, deep fill restorer, gloves, paper towels, and a carrying case.

How do I know if my vehicle needs a headlight restoration?

To be sure if your vehicle needs a headlight restoration, feel free to bring your vehicle to Black Rock Automotive in Sacramento for an inspection. It is important for your headlights to consistently be as bright as possible. When driving at 60mph, it is recommended to have a minimum of 300-350 feet of light ahead of you so you can react and brake accordingly. This minimum may not be met if the illumination of your vehicle's headlights drops to even 20 percent. According to a recent AAA study, the plastic lens over your headlight can become yellowed and clouded in 3 to 5 years, which causes your headlights to emit only 22 percent of light compared to when the vehicle was new.

Because of these risks, it is imperative to bring your vehicle in for a headlight restoration when needed. You may be able to clean your headlights with a household glass cleaner, but if this doesn't make them brighter, you probably need to come into Black Rock Automotive for a headlight restoration. Here are some signs to look out for that indicate that your vehicle needs a headlight restoration:

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